Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. 1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

    Personal information shall be defined as information that can identify an individual or can be used to contact an individual.
    When a client works with our company, we may request that they provide personal information. Our company and companies affiliated with us may share such personal information, and utilize it in accordance with this privacy policy.
    In addition, our company may collate such personal information with other information in order to provide or improve services.

  2. 2. Types of Personal Information Collected

    In order for our company to provide services or in the application for such services, our company may collect personal information such as customer names, phone numbers, email addresses, financial institutions, and personal identification documents.

  3. 3. Personal Information Usage Methods

    By collecting personal information, our company is able to provide appropriate services to our customers.
    In addition, in order to prevent unauthorized use of personal information, and to make personal information available upon request by official public institutions, we shall store personal information appropriately.
    With exception of the important notifications in the previous paragraph, our company may provide our customers with information regarding our services.
    These notifications will be sent via a mailing list, and customers may refuse receipt of notices via this mailing at any time.

  4. 4. Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

    Our company may collect information that is not personal information, in other words, information that cannot be used to identify an individual or directly contact an individual. Examples of such information are languages, locations, timestamps, and Internet browsers. When our company collates such information with personal information, such information shall be treated as personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

  5. 5. Use of Cookies

    Our company may use cookies, pixel tags, or Google Analytics on our website and in our advertisements.
    These technologies improve the display of information on our website by temporarily allowing us to properly identify our customers, reducing the amount of information input by customers, and reducing the time it takes to browse our site, as well as measuring the effectiveness of advertisements and Internet searches.

  6. 6. Safe Storage of Personal Information

    In order to prevent the loss, abuse, theft, manipulation, or unauthorized use of personal information, our company has established an information security policy, conducts necessary and appropriate supervision of employees, and employs the storage technology and physical measures needed to safely store personal information and protect our customers.

  7. 7. Revision of Personal Information

    If a customer requests the revision, addition, or removal (hereinafter “revision”) of their personal information because it is not accurate, unless there is another special procedure for doing so stipulated by law, our company shall investigate the request in consideration of the purpose of the use of personal information, then based upon the results of the investigation, make revisions to the personal information and notify the customer thereof.

  8. 8. Suspension of Use of Personal Information

    When a customer requests the suspension of use of personal information or deletion thereof (hereinafter “suspension of use”) because the customer’s personal information that was used for purposes outside the scope of those already announced, or because it was inappropriately obtained through prevarication or other methods, our company shall investigate as necessary, then based on the results of the investigation, we shall suspend the use of the customer’s personal information and notify the customer thereof.

  9. 9. Establishment of Point of Contact for Personal Information Inquiries

    Our company shall establish a point of contact for inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, and strive to appropriately and promptly respond to inquiries. When our company receives a request from an individual, including suspension of direct mail notices from our company, we shall strive to respond to such requests to the best of our abilities.

Kobinata Corporation
Takahito Kobinata, Representative Director

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